Be honest. You weren't planning on reading this anyway.

And I'll match your honesty... you didn't explicitly ask to receive this particular email. I'm approaching you like some rando at a bar to see if we can be friends. 


Because I've been wading through the piles and miles of bullsh*t content about marketing and thinking, "99% of this sucks." And to solve for the suck, I am building a community where awesome marketers provide insights on what's working for them, and also what's not.

Are you with me?

It starts with this thing. An email deployed weekly with links to stuff I think you'll enjoy. But beyond enjoy, I aim to send you stuff that will ultimately help you in your day-to-day job or maybe even your life. 

"Is it a newsletter?"



Yes, it's probably best classified as a newsletter. 

Although, when I think of a newsletter, I think of a zero-personality aggregation of a brand's recent posts. That is NOT "this thing". This is OURS (yours and mine) and it's going to be helpful. That's the goal. To help you. And by proximity, to help me too. 

Below is my first pass. Tell me what you think! 


Look below. Read the words. Click the links. Then, once you're at the bottom you'll see two buttons. Click on the one that most closely expresses how you feel. And that will lead you to a one question comment form. Your response will go to my inbox and I'll read it. Really.

If you hate my little labor of love, by extension, you probably don't like me and it'll sting a bit, but then I'll look at my dogs and realize they know more about me than you ever will and they still love me. And then I'll somehow muster up the courage to read the next reply and the ones after that, until I understand the trends my readers like and what ya don't. Then next week, I'll diligently craft something better and better until I reach the nirvana of newslettering, write a book on it and you can say you received this first email that began it all. Just imagine. 




How to Not F*ck Up as a New CMO


I wrote this after my first 90 days as CMO for LeadMD. Even if you're not an executive and never want to be, it still has a good deal of tips for how executive marketers must prioritize internal marketing and relationships to be successful.


The Insane Power of Honesty in Content Marketing


I read this blog from an agency in the UK. Then, I wrote this email. The examples are seriously inspiring. If you like my style here, credit this blog. If you hate it, blame this blog. There's something for everyone!


Discussion: Brands and Social Impact


The Gillette ad. PayPal giving interest-free loans to workers effected by the government shutdown. Toms on gun violence.

Brands are addressing issues head on. What's it all mean?

I'm linking to my LinkedIn post. I'd love to incorporate YOUR posts in the future. @mention me in something interesting


Other Interesting Reads

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Did you see that 773 Million records were hacked? Well, your info is all over the dark webs right now. And it's probably embarrassing anyway ... so change it.
Things in Venezuela Are NOT Awesome
Sotiri Dimpinoudis is a freelance reporter providing up-to-the-second Tweets on Venezuela. Interesting world politic stuff and an interesting marketing lesson on the power of owned channels to tell stories.
Sales Humor

Check out these sales-focused Instagram accounts because

1. they're funny 

2. your sales people will think you're cool


I'm Andrea. This is my face snuggled into obviously Photoshopped helmet hair.


I'm a passionate marketer and I want to connect with you. 

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