Scalability: How can you consolidate teams that operate globally and across several verticals?

Unit4 is a provider of enterprise applications for service organizations operating across 11 different business units, divided by regions of the world.

Thousands of organizations from sectors including professional services, education, public services, not-for-profit, real estate, wholesale, and financial services use Unit4 solutions.

The problem? All regions were using different tools to communicate with customers across those business units.

"LeadMD helped us complete a global overhaul of all naming conventions and data best practices, finally creating consistency across all of our business units."

Clair Addison, Global Marketing Automation Manager, Unit4

Seeking: A unified process that operates globally

Unit4 embarked on a mission to consolidate all different tools used across regions into one unified system. As part of Marketo implementation, Unit4 and LeadMD created a global standard for handing off leads between sales and marketing.

The implementation team ensured the entire sales and marketing team across the world understood the naming conventions used so that data and success would be consistent across regions.

In September 2015, Marketo was launched in three markets. By end of year, Unit4 and LeadMD completed the onboarding for nearly a dozen business units across the world in a span of less than six months.

THE Results

Agreement: Stronger relationships, deeper buyer trust, larger deals

A key component of Unit4’s successful implementation was taking the time to understand their buyers and rely on LeadMD’s experience to create robust buyer personas with content mapped to the entire journey.

An example of this unique approach was integrating Marketo with their content management system, Hippo, to automatically target prospects based on content preferences.

The result: Standard platforms and processes mean a more efficient process for managing client relationships, saving the sales team time and stress. That funnel reporting that once took the entire marketing team hours? It’s now available in minutes.

"With the help of the LeadMD Team, Unit4 was able to drive innovation in how the sales team connected with prospects in a way they’d never been able to with previous technologies."

Jennifer Zapp, Global Marketing Automation Specialist, Unit4

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